Neighbourhood Eats

Parisian Gem is just a stone’s throw away from tons of restaurants and good eats. With so many choices, we’ll like to point you to a few of our favorites. See the map for address locations.


103 Rue des Dames, 75017 PARIS

Closed as of 2021

Literally just steps from the apartment, this tiny neighbourhood treasure has everything going for it. Great decor, friendly service and lovely food. They have a very affordable lunch special that gives you a starter and a main for 18,50 euros, or a starter, main and dessert for 24 euros. (Prices as of April 2017.)

Update 07/2018:

The main course and starter or main course and dessert lunch deal is still on for 19 euros and better than ever. This time, they served a delicious courgette with diced bulots (sea whelks). The zucchini was tender when the knife sliced through it but still retained a snap. This was followed by a heavenly fish course, crisp exterior, melt in your mouth moiset interior with very tasty foam of something- something. What a bargain!

Here’s a link to a review by John Talbot.


10 Rue de Cheroy, 75017 PARIS

Just a few minutes from the apartment, past Rue des Dames. French Bistro meets Catalonian Cuisine.Think squid and Iberian ham. Requires reservations.

Couple of reviews for Les Poulettes Batignolles.



71 Rue des Dames 75017 PARIS

Where the bobos and hipsters gather for great cocktails and authentic Italian food. Italian ingredients, Italian chefs and Italian servers, all help them live up to the hype. Getting a table can be tricky but the conviviality makes for a great night out. Good place to go if you’re not too put- off by the wait for a table. The trick is to go 15 to 20 minutes just before they open (doors open at 7pm), join the line, put your name down for a table and return at the appointed time. It’s just a short walk from the apartment, so you could have aperitifs and small bites at home, while waiting for your table to be ready. Or take a stroll along Avenue des Batignolles and get to know this neighbourhood.


99 Rue des Dames 75017 PARIS

Modern Creperie and Cider Bar. A huge variety of hard cider from apple to pear to sample and, crepes, of course!


96 Rue de Levis 75017 PARIS

Situated at the end of Rue de Levis, this restaurant offers authentic Korean food to satisfy your Asian food cravings. Menus are also very reasonably priced.


78 Rue de Levis 75017 PARIS

This restaurant serves as an incubator for up and coming young chefs. Menus are guaranteed to innovative and exciting. Lunch from 25 to 30 euros and dinner from 60 euros.


76 Rue Boursault 75017 PARIS

Intimate little seafood bistro and bar. Great place to sample wine with seafood plates. Get half a dozen raw oysters with a glass of white wine for just 12 euros.


72 Rue Boursault 75017 PARIS

Sister restaurant/ wine bar to L’ecailler de L’ebeniste. They have a great selection of wines to go with small bites of charcuterie and cheeses.


94 Rue des Dames 75017 PARIS

Just down the street from the apartment, this place specializes in aged beef but the real draw is the wine bar ( la cave) downstairs, where you can sample a variety of wines with small bites.


33 Rue de Batignolles 75017 PARIS

Coffee roasters that have a cafe where you can sample the wide variety of coffee that they source and roast themselves. Very friendly staff.



82 Place du Dr. Felix Lobligeois 75017 PARIS

Hipster cafe with really good coffee and freshly squeezed OJ. They have a take- away window where you can place your beverage order to go. Food falls into the trendy cafe offerings category, with avo on toast, quinoa salad and pancakes to name a few. It’s situated near the picturesque park, Square des Batignolles.


100 Rue des Dames 75017 PARIS

My new go-to boulangerie for my daily bread. Exceptional quality, friendly staff and very inventive viennioserie. Their sandwiches are delicious as well.


25 Rue de Levis 75017 PARIS

This bakery is where I get my daily bread. Croissants and Pain au chocolat for the morning and a renaissance baguette for the evening. Really excellent bread. Their pastry shelf is also not too shabby. They are closed on Tuesdays.


96 Rue de Levis 75017 PARIS

On Tuesdays, when my regular purveyor of bread is closed, I head down the end of Rue de Levis to Leonie to get my fix. Great brioche feuilletee , puff pastry goodness disguised as a bread roll and really delicious bread. Leonie also supplies bread to several restaurants in the neigbourhood.


21 Rue de Levis 75017 PARIS

Lovely pastry shop that just sells one thing and does it well. Think Australian pavlovas, light, crisp meringues topped with cream and fresh fruit, and La Meringaie does it so well.


7 Rue de Tocqueville 75017 PARIS

Delicious, light, fluffy clouds of meringue and whipped cream in several flavours, the original is called the merveilleux. Stand outside this pretty boutique to see them assembling this treat. They also have a very delicious chocolate chip brioche called cramique.


25 Rue Legende 75017 PARIS

A fancy pants pastry shop from star patissier, Yann Couvreur, where the bobos get their desserts. But, we won’t hold that against him since he lives in the neighborhood. Very beautiful pastries that won’t disappoint.


46 Rue de Levis 75017 PARIS

Wonderful gem of a chocolate shop selling quality chocolates. A french chocolate souvenir is in order.


58 Rue de Levis 75017 PARIS

Ancient chocolate shop that is now a chain with several outposts in Paris. This branch has gotten a makeover and is now not only larger but also sells pastries from famed patisserie, Stohrer. Gorgeous interior, and even more drool-worthy goodies inside. Another great place to pick up your Paris souvenirs.


23 Rue de la Terasse 75017 PARIS

This fromagerie has an excellent array of cheeses, knowledgeable staff, a couple of them even speak english. They will make recommendations based on your preferences to help you assemble a lovely cheese platter for a picnic or to dine- in at the apartment.


39 Rue de Levis 75017 PARIS

A fairly new addition to the market street. While new to this neighborhood, Poilâne, has a long standing storied reputation. It’s original location is in the left-bank. They are well known for their sourdough breads that are shipped internationally to New York and Tokyo. Their buttery shortbread, punitions, are my favorite.