My Top 5 French Snacks

Here’s a list of my five favorite French snacks. I am sure the list will change, but for now, these are my favorite go- tos.

Not in any particular order… drum roll, please!

Batons de Berger

This loosely translates to mini shepherd sticks/staffs. The name, not so appetizing, but the product, salami sticks, is total yums. Sausage sticks with chunks of fat. Great savory snack on the go or with a glass of wine. Available at all fine Monoprixs.

justin bridou batond e berger
Mini Baton de Berger


Blissful little clouds of sugar encrusted puffs. They are usually sold in the local boulangerie (Arnaud Delmontel and Leonie both sell them) and is a popular after-school snack for kids. You can get them by the unit but that would be insane. My favorite way to eat them, by the dozen!

Pate a chou

Mamie Nova’s Rose Litchi Yogurt

Part dairy treat, part perfume experience. It seems that they have capitalized on the Pierre Herme Ispahan trend and made an interpretation of that flavor into a yogurt. Imitation is the best form of flattery, especially when they get it right. Available at Monoprix.

mamie nova litchi rose yaourt Ispahan flavor
French yogurt Litchi & Rose


These lovely little scalloped rounds of buttery goodness are just the right size so you don’t feel guilty for indulging, but the downside is, one is never enough. In layman’s terms they are butter cookies, but it’s anything but, just a butter cookie. I always try to choose the ones that are a little browner so I know there will be a nice snap when I bite into them. Available at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet.

Butter sable sable au beurre
Poilane Punitions


Okay, you see how number two on this list are little sugar encrusted puffs? Well this, mes amis, are giant cheese encrusted/blended puffs. Same like chouquettes, they are made with choux pastry but it takes on a Go Big or Go Home mentality, which I quite like. These giant cheese choux puffs are achingly tender clouds of cheesy pastry dough. it’s so big, yet so hollow, thus equates an almost guilt-free experience. Best eaten when warm. These are available on Saturdays at the organic farmer’s market (Marche Bio des Batignolles) on Boulevard des Batignolles.

Cheese Puffs Comte Gougere
Gougere Comte





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