Monoprix. Never has a word elicited such rapturous joy and delight. Even the name sounds flirty; pronounced “moh-noh-pree”.

Monoprix does supermarket fancy. When supermarkets and chain stores are a dime-a-dozen, Monoprix has the smarts to partner up with designers to offer limited release collections. Meaning, you can own that fancy shirt by Muah Muah Muah or that umbrella by Blah Blah Blah at a fraction of the price. Monoprix is also committed to good design not just with their product offering but with their packaging as well. It’s evident that they know that pretty sells, especially when it’s at a pretty penny.

The Monoprix on Rue de Levis is divided into two sections; one for food and the other for home decor and clothes. Now let’s start with Monoprix Deco et Mode. There are other better well stocked Monoprixs around town with a nicer, tidier selection of home goods, however, this one is part of my daily thoroughfare to the Metro. And I never am able to make it through from entrance to exit without getting distracted by some pretty fancy.

Monoprix Home stocks home decor items, clothing, cosmetics, skin care products, toiletries and a bunch of other stuff that’s always worth looking at. And yes, French toiletries are sexy to browse through. With scents such as camomile, grapevine tea, olive oil ,and, grapefruit & green tea (Yes, that one had me at hello!), it takes serious concentration and effort to commit and pick just one scent.

The Monoprix on this side not only has home decor and toiletries, it also stocks apparel. And Monoprix has a surprisingly fantastic selection of clothing on offer. They make available every single French Girl staple there is and make it chic and stylish too. Trench coat. Check. Striped boatneck tee. Check. Silk blouses with amusing prints. Check. Scarves in lovely patterns and prints. Check. It’s practically a French Girl wannabe’s one-stop shop.

Cross the street to Monoprix Food and even before those pearly gates slide open, I hear the music to Pharrell’s Happy. In fact, I’ve been known to go in, get some groceries, linger lovingly in the yogurt aisle, and plan a trip back later in the evening for another round of groceries because you know, it’s something I’ll need for later that evening, not now, so why on earth would I buy it now when I can walk these heavenly aisles again, and buy it later? And yes, the apartment is a three storey walk- up. But hey, I get my Monoprix fix, I’m happy, and my gluts are happy. It’s a win- win.

I know it’s been said before, but it bears repeating. The French have successfully mastered the art of seduction. Dairy seduction.

Take the escalator to the basement and you’ll be greeted by shelf upon shelf of dairy goodness. You have your puddings, your yogurts, your butters, your creams and your ice-creams. Just browsing the yogurt shelves is enough to make you flirt with the idea of a French long-stay visa. My current favorites are both by this brand called Mamie Nova- Litchi & Rose and Mango Saffron.

But wait! There’s more. Imagine platter upon platter of appetizers from smoked salmon to scallop terrines and moussaka to quiches, all for your choosing. A selection worthy enough to host a cocktail party or an apero hour at a moment’s notice. No need to channel your inner Ina Gartner domestic goddess. And cheating is totally ok when it looks like this.


Aside from the oft-admired dairy aisle and stunning appetizer selections, Monoprix also stocks the fancier teas, from Kusmi to Fauchon, fine chocolates, from L’Éclair de Génie to  the ultra colorful Le Chocolat des Français, and fancy biscuits from brands like Les Deux Gourmands and Albert Mènés, that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other grocery stores. This makes Monoprix an excellent place to stock up on souvenirs without breaking the bank.

With all that’s said about the wonders and glories of Monoprix, if you haven’t visited, it’s about time you did, if you have, do tell me if I’ve missed anything. And no, I am not paid for this content. But, if Monoprix would like to compensate me in dairy, that would be lovely too!


P.S: While my love for Monoprix knows no bounds, one must be reminded that Rue de Levis is a market street and is right outside. But since this is my ode to my favorite chain store in France and possibly, the world, excuse me for the omission of Rue de Levis with her excellent array of detectable goods in this post.